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Vital Now! Medical Marketing and Communications helps medical organizations increase brand awareness and market share in a way that improves overall communications throughout the patient or customer journey.

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“As a French startup, we were eager to launch our medical software in the US. Judy came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. She served as our US Marketing Director and managed everything from strategic plans, budgets, trade shows, collateral, advertising, and media relations. Hardworking and professional, I would recommend Judy to any company looking to enter the US market.”

– Laurence Veron
Former Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Statlife: Math for Medicine

“Judy’s branding efforts are exceptional and affordable. She has great ideas and a team of domestic and international developers. I highly recommend Vital Now’s Marketing Management Program.”

– Jeffrey R. Thumm
President, DukeDevice, LLC
Past President, Albright Technologies Inc.

“Judy’s attention to detail, and her eagerness to keep up with modern marketing tools, are both impressive. If there’s a message to get out to potential clients, she’ll get it out there in as many forms as she can!”

– Brian Shoemaker, Ph.D.
ShoeBar Associates

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