About Vital Now!

Judy-2013Vital Now! is an international medical marketing and communications company dedicated to promoting medical products, services, and education. We help medical companies build brand awareness and market share by creating and executing dynamic, integrating marketing programs. Together we build leaders in medical technology.

Our vision is to help accelerate the development of all medical technology and services worldwide. Our promise to you is to become a loyal life-long partner dedicated to your success.

Want to learn more how Vital Now! can build more awareness for your product or service? Call Judy at (401) 461-1810 or email me at judy@vitalnow.net.

Our Signature Programs

Vital Now! prides itself on its Infusion Program. The Infusion Program is designed to take a comprehensive look at your current marketing and communications efforts and to evaluation what’s working and what’s not. It starts out as an onsite audit that results in a fully integrated marketing and/or communication program. Click here for more detail on our Infusion Program.

Our Maintenance Program is just that: we maintain and manage all of your marketing and communications needs on an ongoing basis. We become your marketing team. This service is provided virtually, remotely, or onsite, or a combination thereof. Click here for more details on our Maintenance Program.

Why Vital Now!

Vital Now! has over 30 years of experience working with FDA-regulated bio/medtech companies providing full-service strategic market planning, positioning, branding and messaging. This includes corporate communications, marketing communications, media relations, investor relations, and public relations. We are well connected and can assist you with other allied services such as product development, software validation, and regulatory affairs, to name a few.

Target Markets:

Medical Allied Services
Medical Associations and Societies
Medical Clinics and Hospitals
Medical Device Companies

Medical Equipment Companies
Medical Laboratories
Medical Practices
Medical Research Firms

Medical Schools and Education
Medical Service Providers
Medical Software Companies
Medical Startups

If you have a communications or a branding issue, contact us today!