About Vital Now!

Judy-2013Vital Now! is a global medical marketing and communications company dedicated to promoting medical products, services, and education. We help medical companies build brand awareness and market share by creating and executing dynamic, integrating marketing programs. Together we build leaders in medical technology.

Our vision is to help accelerate the development of all medical technology and services worldwide. Our promise to you is to become a loyal life-long partner dedicated to your success.

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Our Signature Programs

 Vital Now! focuses on five areas that are critical to a medical organization’s success: a Marketing Audit that will measure the baseline of the effectiveness of your overall communication. From there, a comprehensive, omnichannel Marketing Communications Program is developed to increase brand awareness and market share. If you don’t have the time or talent, Vital Now! will manage the entire marketing program for you, from soup to nuts. We have the talent and agency contacts, if necessary, to source the right people.

We’re bringing back Vital Now! Webinars. This service is ideally suited for companies who wish to soft-sell a new concept, product or service. These webinars are strictly educational. No hard-selling is permitted. Have a white paper that could use more visibility? Need additional venture funding? Vital Now! produces, promotes and distributes your mp4 video so that you can repurpose this valuable content for future use.

Lastly, all companies have some level of miscommunication whether they are digital, brick and mortar, or 100% remote. Allow Vital Now! to come in with objective eyes and ears to determine where the bottlenecks are. Perhaps the current production standard operating procedure (SOP) is outdated and needs to be revised. How is your organization keeping your employees apprised and engaged? Whether the problem is internal or external, inter- or intra-departmental, there is always a better way to communicate.

Why Vital Now!

 Vital Now! has over 35 years of experience working with FDA-regulated bio/medtech companies providing full-service strategic market planning, positioning, branding and messaging. This includes corporate communications, marketing communications, media relations, investor relations, and public relations. We are well connected and can assist you with other allied services such as product development, software validation, and regulatory affairs, to name a few.

Target Markets: 


Medical Allied Services
Medical Associations and Societies
Medical Clinics and Hospitals
Medical Device Companies

Medical Equipment Companies
Medical Laboratories
Medical Practices
Medical Research Firms

Medical Schools and Education
Medical Service Providers
Medical Software Companies
Medical Startups

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