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Vital Now! is a global management consulting firm that offers short- and long-term engagements in medical marketing, communications, investor and public relations. Our clients represent bio/medtech companies, software companies, professional medical organizations, and other ancillary businesses that offer medical products and services. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering dynamic, integrated marketing programs at affordable prices. We will happily collaborate with your third-party partners and agencies that offer complementary services.

Think of Vital Now! as your extended Marketing Department. Prepare to collaborate with someone who has extensive experience marketing medical products and services. Plan to strategize with someone who wants to grow with you. Discover the many communications options you have to reach your target market. Most importantly, expect positive results with the analytics to prove it!

Vital Now Signature Programs


Who is this program suited for? The Infusion Program is ideally suited for companies with:

  1. no marketing expertise;
  2. no senior-level marketing or communications expertise on staff;
  3. a serious internal (organizational) communications problem that requires quick resolution;
  4. a need for a fresh perspective;
  5. a requirement for an interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
What is the objective of the Infusion Program?
The Infusion Program is designed to quickly assess your medical marketing and communications needs and to get your company organized, i.e., branded and positioned, as a serious player in your targeted market(s). This includes a needs assessment and audit, a short- and long-term strategy for increased lead generation, brand awareness, and an integrated marketing plan to be put into effect within four weeks.
What are the benefits of Hiring Vital Now!
Vital Now! has over 30 years of experience working with FDA-regulated biotech/medtech companies providing full-service strategic market planning, positioning, branding and messaging. This includes corporate communications, marketing communications, media relations, investor relations, and public relations. We are well connected and can assist you with other allied services such as product development, software validation, and regulatory affairs, to name a few.

What should I expect if I hire Vital Now!?
An onsite needs assessment and full immersion into your marketing initiatives, including a:

  1. Marketing and Communications Audit;
  2. Marketing and/or Communications Program;
  3. Marketing and/or Communications Budget;
  4. Marketing and/or Communications Schedule;
  5. Marketing and/or Communications Report with forward-looking Recommendations.

What are my options after the program is completed?
Option 1: Vital Now! will source a marketing team to work onsite or virtually, or a combination of both, to be managed internally by the client. 

Option 2: Vital Now! will source a marketing team to work onsite or virtually, or a combination of both, to be managed by Vital Now! The Client officially moves into the Marketing Management Program.

Fees and Terms:  Negotiable
Flat Fee plus expenses*, 50% upfront and 50% upon completion for a period of one month’s work.

If the program runs over one month, 50% of the original flat fee every two weeks until the program is completed.

*All travel-related expenses, creative and production, other miscellaneous third-party expenses will be approved in advance, and paid separately by the client.

Timeframe:  1 Month+

If you have a communications or a branding issue, contact us today!