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Vital Now! Services

Vital Now! is a global management consulting firm that offers short- and long-term engagements in medical marketing, communications, investor and public relations. Our clients represent bio/medtech companies, software companies, professional medical organizations, and other ancillary businesses that offer medical products and services. With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering dynamic, integrated marketing programs at affordable prices. We will happily collaborate with your third-party partners and agencies that offer complementary services.

Think of Vital Now! as your extended Marketing Department. Prepare to collaborate with someone who has extensive experience marketing medical products and services. Plan to strategize with someone who wants to grow with you. Discover the many communications options you have to reach your target market. Most importantly, expect positive results with the analytics to prove it!

Marketing Audits

You’re not ready to commit, but you also know something’s not right. Vital Now! will come in and perform a marketing audit on your current marketing programs and initiatives. We will determine what’s working and what’s not working, based on your analytics. A detailed report will outline our recommendations for increasing brand awareness and improving your credibility in the market place.

Marketing Communications Programs*

You’re ready to commit. It’s time to get serious about how you communicate about your products and services. There’s a lot to consider: your brand, collateral, online advertising, public relations, social media, trade shows, and more! Let us worry about the show schedules and editorial calendars.

*Includes a marketing audit.

Marketing Management (part-time Chief Marketing Officer)*

You’re going all in. You know you can’t do this alone and you want the expertise of a seasoned executive to manage your marketing for you. Let us do the heavy lifting. We have the talent and third-party agencies if you need them.

 *Includes a marketing audit and a dynamic, omnichannel marketing communications program.


We’re bringing them back! Have an educational topic you’d like to discuss? Have a new product or service to showcase? Need additional funding? Present your case, and we’ll get the right people to show up!

Organizational Communications

Internal vs. external communications or inter-departmental vs. intra-departmental miscommunications is a serious issue and you shouldn’t wait for it to fix itself! Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and process improvement is in order. Stat!

If you have a communications or a branding issue, contact us today!